Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Geom Putters made?

World map showing Vancouver Island, Canada
Geom was founded in Canada, on Vancouver Island. All putters are hand shaped (from CNC milled blanks), assembled, finished, and shipped from Vancouver Island.

What is Waffle Face Groove Technology?Waffle Face Groove Technology

Everybody loves waffles, it's just science. Waffle Face Groove Technology is baked into every Geom putter. We milled the grooves into the face of your putter at opposing 70º angles. They help get the ball rolling faster and truer. Plus they feel buttery.

What is Prismetric Sightline Technology?

Every Geom blank is designed so that the mass is behind the ball at impact. That "steel muscle pad" is shaped so that it divides the light like a prism, providing a subtle alignment aid that points to the "syrup spot" and fits your eye.

Who is Geom Fine Milled Putters?

Geom was founded by Garret Krynski in 2018. The goal from the beginning was to create putters that look, feel, and play different than anything else. We're not out to create another Anser clone. We want to create putters that are completely "one off", so every player has a putter that no one else on the planet can get.

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